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In consideration of the fast-evolving market’s dynamics and the competitive scenario is of utmost importance to effectively communicate with the global market with a comprehensive and easy to surf, both from desktop and mobile, website.

This is the ultimate aim of the HBTS new website, now online, presenting our vast product’s range together with our ethics for excellence, reliability and pro-active approach to meet and exceed our Customer’s expectations.

Our corporate identity and passion for technology are reflected in our two colours (red and grey) with the red square of our logo distinctively recurring throughout the website. 

Our categorized products are well detailed and easy to navigate; we have created two distinctive main categories so the website can be consulted either by technologies or by end products for easy cross reference. The technologies are furtherly aggregated by functionalities being distributions and feeding systems, products handling and loading solutions, primary packaging wrappers and secondary and case packing solutions.

The end products category can be consulted by selecting any of the main entries such as biscuits, chocolate products, baked goods and other food and non-food items. The selection will highlight the associated HBTS technologies

The “about us” section will introduce new Customers to HBTS world and to our Group while the languages option, currently English and Italian (Spanish will be also available shortly) allows easy accessibility to millions of visitors.