HBTS: a single source partner

for any packaging system requirements

HBTS is a business unit of DM Packaging Group, an industrial group located in Turin, North West of Italy, involved for decades in the sector of packaging industrial machineries, automatic lines for mask’s production, ancillary equipment and much more.

DM history goes back to the mid 50’s with the design and production of the first packaging mechanical machines. Since 1994, under the leadership of the Longato’s family, currently at the second generation and still pretty much involved in the Group strategies and the day to day running of the operations, the business grew focusing on its target markets and was able to rip the benefits of the new technologies available with the introduction of the EWP400, the very first servo driven flow wrapper, representing the milestone of what DM would be in the years to come. Nowadays, still pursuing a policy of sustainable and continuous growth, we have become a global player in the packaging equipment industry with dedicated business units to the target sectors.

In 2013 all the activities did merge in DM Packaging Group and were centralized in a new large and modern industrial premise.

HBTS is a fundamental page of this long history of dedication, passion for technology and innovation leading DM Packaging Group to excel in Italy and worldwide.


Customized systems for primary and secondary packaging

Customized systems for primary and secondary packaging. From the exit from the process lines to canning: our machinery covers every stage of your packaging needs.

Products distribution and feeding technologies The most complete range in the industry
Automatic products handling and loading systems Performance and reliability at the highest levels
Horizontal wrappers and baggers Tailor-made machinery for wrapping food and other products
Secondary packaging and case packing Systems to complete each stage of packaging