XM Series – Horizontal Packaging

X Fold style wrappers

The XM Series is the xfold style wrappers range by HBTS and are specifically designed for packaging of biscuits, crackers, rusks and assimilated products in slug’s formats with longitudinal seal and folded pack’s ends. Typically connected to automatic products handling systems and metering loaders the XM wrappers are incorporating own cross infeed chains.
The XM60 model is fully servo driven, easy format change overs, suitable with the appropriate feeding to handle regular shaped products bundles presented on the flat.
The XM100 is a cams operated mechanical machine with revolver format wheel and can operate, at high speed, in single or dual wrapping applications

This technology is suitable for packaging

  • Biscuits

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    Technology and Reliability

    Solid expertise accrued in many years of successful challenging projects worldwide and the continuous striving for innovative, reliable solutions with the utmost care for details and our focus on easy to run and maintain systems are allowing HBTS to implement environmentally friendly technical solutions aiming to the best possible OEE and great ROI for our Customers.


    In HBTS we understand very well the value of the flexibility and of space constraints therefore our solutions are designed to meet the required production volumes and to fit to the best in the available areas. Each solution takes in due consideration the potential future expansions and needs of a quick evolving market. We shall always be able to work out the best possible proposals for your needs.

    Tailor made designing

    Tailor made designed packaging systems is what we offer to our Customer’s base to meet even the most complex tasks. Each project step, from initial concept, to designing, to parts manufacturing, software development, construction, testing and final commissioning is taken care internally to secure full system’s compliance monitoring and future aftersales support year after year.